Are We Walking to Alaska

Are We Walking to Alaska
Are We Walking to Alaska - A True Story

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones - on Saturday - Happy New Year

It is time for a New Year's party - we are all dressed up and ready to celebrate.
We have on our pretty clothes - ohhh Donnie - you still have on your new jammies.  You can't wear jammies to a fancy party.
Donnie's jammies were a gift from our friend Diane, in Florida - he likes them so much he hasn't taken them off since he got them on Christmas.  But you must change for the party. 
 Ok - that's better - all dressed up in your new christmas shirt. 
 Abbey has a white and red dress, red tights and black shoes.
 Poppy is a princess with a crown and a pretty star scepter - and silver shoes
 Sally Jo's purse and shoes match her dress
 Happy New Year!!!!
 Donnie - what have you got?  Are you supposed to bring a pony to a party?
 Whoa pony!!
 She's very gentle - come and pet her.
 Everyone will get a chance to have a ride - after the party is over.  Almost time for the new year to begin.

 And now we're ready for the new year - dressed up and nice and cozy in our jammies, waiting for midnight.  We don't usually get to stay up this late.

 Flannel jammies are nice and cozy
 A flannel nightie and a tiara - Sally Jo is a princess now
 A hand knit robe is perfect for this party
 Donnie - again with the pony indoors.  We see that you are riding the pony in your new jammies

 Giddy up - let's gallop into  the new year
  On my pony from our Auntie Jamie
Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones - More Decorating

Christmas is a busy time - so much going on - and the dolls are right in there - getting ready for the big day.
 Finishing up decorating the tree and 
wrapping the gifts
 Donnie has a new christmas shirt - red is 
just the color for the season

 Sally Jo and Abbey are dressed in their 
favorite holiday outfits too
 And Poppy loves her christmas clown jammies - perfect for decorating the tree
 Don't you love Donnie's new shirt?  And look - are they all wearing elf shoes with
 jingle bells on the toes?

 And Miss Poppy Sunshine has changed clothes and is wearing pretty fabrics - Bubble Lights and green with tiny white dots.  And for fun - a bit of Donnie's shirt fabric in the layered ruffles on her apron..
Poppy loves ruffles on her apron.
 Let's cook something for christmas.

 Donnie - where are your shoes?
 Would you like a taste, Donnie?
 If it is still hot you could use one of my oven mitts.
 I'll share - who wants a taste? 
 Oh Poppy - what have you made for us?
A sweet gingerbread house!!  You are so clever Miss Poppy.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday Wee Ones - Decorating

Only a few days until christmas - I must get the tree decorated

 And take a picture of the tree

 A basket of gifts for under the tree

 Aren't you excited about the holidays - gifts are such fun to wrap and put under the tree
 My new dress is of red marbled fabric and white with red dot - nice puffy sleeves with lace.
Be sure to stop at Diane's and see her new holiday friends.